UID Status

UID stands for “Unique Identification” that is provided by Govt of India to individual person living in India.  UID is also known as Aadhar Card in Hindi language.


Advantage of UID Card?

There are severaol advantages of UID card – it’s like a ID proof for a person. For example if you want to open a Bank account then you will have to submit few documents like – Address Proof and ID Card.  Here UID card will work for both – address and id card – as it include person name along with photograph and complete address.


How to Track UID Card?

If you applied for UID or Aadhar Card then you can track it online using Indian postal portal site that provide option to track t status of UID Card.  All UID cards are send via India Postal department.   Follow below details to track India Post UID card:

You will need 2 details in order to track UID Card:

1) Enrollment Number

2) Enrollment Date


Here is how UID Tracking systems looks like:

Check UID Status online via Indian Postal system

Where can I track Aadhar Card Status?

Click here

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