Speed Post Delivery Time

Speed Post known for their fast delivery in India and across.  But people ask, how much time it takes to deliver my courier or letter through Speed Post?

If you are sending any letters or post cars through Speed Post in same city or in between metro cities then it will take 2 days of time. Where as if you are sending mail in other part of country then it will take 4-6 days.


Mail Delivery including Letters, Post Cards etc 2 Days for Local & in between Metro Cities
4 to 6 Days for other location in India
Parcel Delivery like News Paper, Gifts etc 3 days for Local & in between Metro Cities
5 to 7 Days in between other part of India
International Courier 4 to 10 days to deliver mails or parcel .


Similarly if you are planning for Money transfer through Speed post then it takes around 3 days to make payment in local and in between metro cities. Where for sending money for rest part of India, it took around 4 to 6 days of time.

One of the fastest services in Payment of Instant Money Order through Money Transfer that takes 15-20 min of time across India.

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