Post Office Working Hours

Post Office Working Hours in IndiaEvery Post Office in India keeps the timing aligned according to the clause 5 of the Post Office rule book. The timing is fixed by the head of the circle based on the local area convenience. The post office working hours in general is the time where business transaction is done with public and delivery and dispatching of mail takes place. The work at post office counters begins to slow down around the closing hours of the office. The major post office in the country operates in the below mentioned manner on week days, which is not the public holiday.


Inquiries and requests, sale of stamps takes place around the entire working hours. For booking related issues of registered articles and money order is handled for around 7 hours and for 5 hours on Saturday terminating the service at 3pm. Handling of issues related to money order post office certificate, payment on postal orders are taken care of about 5 hours and on Saturday for just 3 hours terminating at 1pm.

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